Ecodougou consists of six 2-person lodges, situated in a circle around a tropical garden (garden under development).

The lodges are built and decorated in a traditional manner using local, natural materials.

Simple, but equipped with western-style comfort.

You sleep in a nice bed in a cool room, under a mosquito net.

Toilet and shower are located within the lodges.

 Each lodge has its own charm and privacy.

The tropical garden is common and provides a place to relax and enjoy the tropical scents and sounds.



When asked for, there are cool drinks and a meal available within Ecodougou or

you can enjoy it on the bird-watching location just outside Ecodougou overlooking a beatiful green valley.

Lamps are charged by solar panels.

There are bikes available for the visitors of Ecodougou so you can cycle through the African landscape at ease.

If you want to use a moped it is also possible.

As ‘inhabitant’ of Ecodougou you experience up close the lives of ordinary Burkinabe.

You can buy groceries at the local store, drink bissap or a refreshing beer at the local bar,

take breakfast, lunch or evening meal at the restaurant of the farmer cooperative Wouol and

talk with the inhabitants of Bérégadougou about the things that keep them busy in life.

!! At present, there is insufficient power to run fans / air conditioners!!

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