Ecodougou is just steps away from the village Bérégadougou. A typical Burkinabe village with about 9000 inhabitants.

The village is located in the greenest area of Burkina Faso in the south-west, with Bobo-Dioulasso (Bobo)

as the largest city nearby. This area is endowed with the highest number of rainfall in relation to the rest of the country.


Within walking distance of Ecodougou there is a sanctuary open to the ‘inhabitants’ of Ecodougou.

Here one can observed in peace the different animal species and listen to them.


Bobo about 80 km away, is a charming and friendly city bursting with music and dance.

The “Grand Mosque” of Bobo is famous and nearby the sacred fish and crocodiles can be visited.


Banfora is the city closest to Ecodougou. A real African country town. The daily market shows

a motley collection of the many products that are grown in the region.

Also the traditional religion is more visible in this area.


In the region of Banfora there are a lot of beautiful sites worth to visit;

Les Cascades de Karfiguela (waterfalls), Le lac Tengrela (a lake with hippos),

Les Domes de Fabedougou (domes) and 

Les pics the Sinou (peaks).


You can also visit a traditional village and observe the daily life of the Burkinabé.

Experience the hospitality and friendliness and fill your heart with the laughter

of the Burkinabé under the big mango trees! 

                                                                         Ecodougou-Banfora: 20 km
Ecodougou-Bobo-Dioulasso: 80 km
Ecodougou-Ouaga: 433 km