It’s not a coincidence that Ecodougou is build near Bérégadougou.

Bérégadougou is the center of the activities of the farmer cooperative Wouol.

The concept of this farmers’ cooperative is a wonderful example of a successful

development project that has already been visited by many people from all over the world to learn from it.



The products produced by Wouol are all certified Organic and Fair Trade

and are being delivered to different countries within Europe.

Have you always wondered where the delicious tropical fruits exactly come from and how and by whom they are produced …?

Here is a unique opportunity to experience how it is to work with these products.

It is now possible to participate in one of the processing units of Wouol. During the day, you gain insight into how the products are created and experience working in this cooperative. There is plenty of time to talk with the African employees who take care of these products.

In the processing units, among others  mangoes, cashew nuts, pineapple, tomatoes and hibiscus are being processed for the European market.