The host country to where Ecodougou is situated, is called Burkina Faso;

“The land of honest people”. And the capital has the fairytale name of Ouagadougou (Ouaga).


Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa that is enclosed by the following countries;

Benin, Ivory coast, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Togo. And since it is a former French colony, French is the official language.


Burkina Faso is a safe and pleasant country to travel. Ouaga is a vibrant city, where

many interesting buildings and handmade art are to be admired

The second big city, called Bobo-Dioulasso, in the south-west of Burkina Faso

is about 5 hours drive and 1.5 hour flight from Ouaga.


The village Bérégadougou next to Ecodougou is about 1.5 hour drive from Bobo-Dioulasso towards the South-West of the country.